16-Bit Sci-Fi now on Itch (compatible with 16-Bit Fantasy!)

A collection of full color 16-Bit Science Fiction sprites. Cyber soldiers, aliens, mutants and more! Inspired by classic SNES and Genesis games of the past. Everything you need to make a complete game! Compatible with the 16-Bit Fantasy set.

24 x 24 px - Includes royalty-free commercial license - learn more here.

  • Space Marines
  • Aliens and Mutants
  • Guns and Gear
  • Space Stations
  • Special Effects
  • Interface
  • & much more!

Also includes .TMX examples and .PSD source files

Check out the full lineup of our high quality game sprites at oryxdesignlab.com.


16-bit-sci-fi.zip 20 MB
Dec 03, 2018

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